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About Us

Our Backgound

Climate Makers, Inc. can be described as a temperature control company, a mechanical service company or a combination of both. More importantly, however, Climate Makers is a problem solving company. We provide our customers solutions for the indoor air quality, comfort and efficiency issues that may arise.

Our Mission

The mission of our dedicated employees is to provide  customer satisfaction with  integrity & honesty while building  long term relationships.

Our Goal

Our main goal is a simple one. We don’t leave a client’s facility until we’ve ensured that those inside are safe and comfortable in terms of the indoor air quality. We’re committed to achieving this while using the least amount of energy possible.

Round the Clock Services

Why choose Climate Makers Inc.?

Climate Makers Inc. provides 24/7/365 service. Our technician will arrive at your site as quickly as possible, evaluate and correct the problem, then stay to monitor equipment performance until we are confident the problem has been solved. Avoiding repeated calls for the same or similar issue is a hallmark of Climate Makers service.


Temperature Control

The intelligent building of today is only as smart as the systems that make them work. To keep your intelligent building operating as designed, Climate Makers Inc. utilizes the latest in web-based Building Automation Systems Technology making it easy to maintain precise temperature control, ensure proper ventilation rates, monitor alarm conditions and keep energy consumption to a minimum of your HVAC system.

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization is demonstrated through many solutions, a few being condensing boiler systems, time of day - hot water reset control, and the correction of simultaneous cooling and heating. Likageless burner controls capitalize on the fuel/air ratio to provide energy savings that can be easily monitored.

Preventative Maintenance

Improper or no preventative maintenance adversely affects a building’s operational budget. Our service technicians are exceptionally skilled and highly trained to ensure that your building’s mechanical systems are performing properly.


Boiler Burner Replace and Repair

Burner Controls Service

Preventive Maintenance

Plumbing Repair & RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Device Testing

Ventilation Repair and Service

Temperature Control Service and Repair

Building Automation Systems

Web Powered Direct Digital Controls Systems

Multi-Building Campus Systems

System Integrators

Real Time Energy Analytics

Mechanical Construction

Steam, water & high pressure piping

Boiler & Chiller (New and Retrofit)

Sheet Metal 

Process Piping


PTS (Pneumatic Transportation Systems) Installation 

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